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Evan Allison

Portraying: Brice Hennedy







Evan Allison was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, his parents moved to New Orleans, when he was just two weeks old. At that very early age the jazz and vibrant lifestyle of New Orleans started to have a profound influence on Evan's preference of Art and Music. Solo trumpet players mesmerized him in the French Quarter along with the sidewalk entertainers and the street tap dance kids. At the age of four his parents moved to Dallas, Texas. There he joined the baseball team and started playing the trombone.

A family friend and international opera singer nurtured Evan’s love for the Arts while attending operas, the theater and symphony from back stage made Evan realize he wanted to be on the stage. After eleven years in Dallas his family moved to the Atlanta area. There he started his modeling career, fter signing with Click Modeling Agency.

Evan continued modeling and landing commercials and studying acting all through high school. After attending college for one year in Vermont, Evan return to Atlanta to move forward with his acting career. He landed odd jobs. While working one of those odd jobs Evan met Creator, Kevin F. Allen who encouraged him to audition for one of his projects. During Evan’s audition Director, Maurice Townes and Kevin F. Allen was so pleased they offered Evan the role of Brice Hennedy in The CLOSET the same day.

Along with continuing to study the craft of acting and landing commercials Evan enjoys traveling especially European countries, sports, and running great distances.

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