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Isaias Castañeda

Portraying: Ricardo Iglesias







Isaias Castañeda or "Isaiah", to his American friends/fans, is a native of Blue Island, a suburb just south of Chicago, Illinois. He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. Isaias loves to help people; he found his love for the entertainment industry in the late 90's when he was asked to host a musical festival event for the Hispanic Community. "I enjoy the feeling of being in front of the camera…it's like a drug to me, now I know how people feel when they have an addiction…."

Isaias always been a leader, at the age of seventeen he was the entrepreneur of a construction company where he single handedly lead a team of 17 employees.

Isaias has been a part of several productions, The Gospel, featuring Boris Kodjoe and Idris Elba; The Big Black Comedy Show, featuring Mark Curry and John Witherspoon; R U the Girl, featuring T-Boz and Chilli and he's currently in development of a documentary that's very close to his heart -- The struggle of Hispanic migrants. You may also find Isaias on the runways of Atlanta, modeling for local designers. Currently, residing in Hollywood, Isaias is Producing/Directing documentaries and films.

In his spare time Isaias enjoys exercising, photography, and playing his guitar.

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When asked what pulled him to the role of Ricardo Iglesias he'll tell you quickly. "This guy is soooo romantic everyone will love him. His principles in life are what you would want for yourself, your son or daughter. He's the guy your parents want you to marry. Plus he's Hispanic which makes him sexy….like me." Isaias continues…"Guys these days don't know about romance. I'm delighted I'm portraying a character that understands what romance really is. That particular aspect of Ricardo Iglesias I love one hundred percent displaying on the screen. He's so strong with his romantic passion. Director Maurice Townes never has to tell me to turn up the romance. He's told me a few times to tone it down just a bit."

"When I auditioned for the role, I was a little apprehensive about playing a gay character because I didn't want the industry to 'type cast' me. After my initial meeting with Maurice and seeing his passion for this type of project. I was praying I would get the part, because I wanted to be a part of his education process. And then when Maurice told me he wanted me to be the link to the Hispanic community for the series I was blown away. I knew at that moment, Maurice wanted to educate people on a global level. I'm so honored to be a part of a revolutionary series, The CLOSET."

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