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Arcellious Lexx

Portrayed By Maurice Townes


"These men are the bugs of our Society and they will be exterminated" ---> Arcellious Lexx

Wealth. Power. A savvy Global Real Estate Investor are some of the labels Forbes, NewsWeek, Black Enterprises and Fortune 500 magazines have used to describe billionaire Arcellious Lexx. Lexx Towers a multi-million dollar real estate investment firm is Arcellious' domain. Financial analysts are predicting Arcellious will become the third Black American Billionaire. They're forecasting with Lexx Towers closing deals with Lexington Industry, Digital Phoenix Technology and Worlds Textiles his earnings should surpass 5.2 billion.

His great-grandfather established Lexx Shoe Repair as a shoe shine & repair company, the Lexx legacy turned his shoe repair company into one of the best investment firms throughout the world. With offices globally and head quarters in Atlanta, Arcellious has his hand in every aspect of his family business. With Walter Winner and Brice Hennedy on each side, Lexx Towers has remained on top for over eight years.

Being a powerful businessman leads Arcellious to want to control his family and friends. He's completely disappointed with his baby sister, Harriett. She's agreed to marry a guy who's 15 years her junior and he's never earned more than $30,000 a year. Harriett's behavior is bringing shame to the Lexx family.

Arcellious knows about shame very well. He's still troubled by his marriage to Ramona Lexx. Their marriage last 7 years and Arcellious refers to it as "the seven years of hell." Ramona did everything she could to learn from Arcellious and plotted to beat the master at his own shrewd political corporate deals, but she failed terribly. Arcellious was always three steps ahead of Ramona. He confronted her, divorced her and exiled her from the states. She's been gone for years.

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