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Isaiah Edwards

Portrayed By Preston J. Horne



"Are you serious? No one would ever suspect me. I have a girlfriend, I'm a preacher and last, but not least, I'm a preacher's son. It won't get out. And besides I can't afford for it to get out my father would disown me." ---> Isaiah Edwards

Hypocritical, strongly in denial, confused, indecisive and a deep thinker, that's the underside of Isaiah Edwards. He's very private and there are not many who can tear down his walls to really get to know the good hearted guy inside.

Born in Little Rock, AR, and raised in Roanoke, VA, Isaiah who's 32ish has much love and respect for his family. He's the only child of Mary and Joseph Edwards. At the age of eighteen, Joseph wedded sixteen year old Mary. Getting married at such a young age was quite common then. Before having Isaiah, Mary and Joseph had a stillborn child. One year later Mary gave birth to Isaiah. The death of their first child caused such trauma that they vowed to shelter Isaiah from all hurt, harm and danger; and that's what they did. Isaiah was nothing less than a spoiled brat as a child. Mary's an elementary school teacher and Joseph's a preacher. They both still enjoy their jobs and have taught Isaiah that hard work is the only way to succeed in life. They instilled their high moral and ethical values in him and taught him to live by God's golden rules.

The most frightening notion for Isaiah is that he would be exposed to his parents, family, employer, and friends. This would bring unspeakable shame to the Edwards name and his father would be unforgiving. Yes, his father is a preacher, but he rules with an iron fist and Isaiah is fully aware of it. As Assistant Pastor, Isaiah is fully aware of the rumors that are spread about other preachers who sleep with men; therefore, he is very careful not to have his hidden sexual life uncovered. He feels very guilty about having sexual feelings towards men; he believes it's a sin.

Isaiah has a hidden sexual life with a Caucasian man; his closeted secret will remain away from his family and community because their worlds will never cross. Isaiah enjoys his position at the Medical Center. He's been employed there five years and does everything he can to help the urban black communities

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