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Jeanette Wellington

Portrayed By
Deborah Michelle Emeran


"I let you into my life, my son's life. You BASTARD, how could you do this to me!?"
-----> Jeanette Wellington

Being on the arm of Zachary Sledge of the Zach, Zach, Zachary Show sometime annoys Jeanette. She enjoyed the low profile life she and her six-year-old son, Terrell was living after Terrell's father died suddenly.

These days her life is anything but "low profile". She's always busy, being a full-time mom for Terrell, a girlfriend for Zachary, and the best friend for Kathy, Zachary's sister and Sharon - not to mention her complete day of seeing patients. Jeanette's an established Therapist, she enjoys the profession and maintains a very balanced life.

She's been dating Zachary for three years and she knows Zachary's going to pop the "marriage" question very soon. She's prepared to say yes, immediately. She's heard about the rumors of men living in Atlanta having a "DL" life. She knows beyond a shadow of a doubt she doesn't have to worry about that.

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