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Kathy Sledge-

Portrayed By:
DeMyia King-Gordon


"How could you make such derogatory homosexual remarks, you know his brother's gay?"
------> Kathy Sledge-Vanlandingham

Determined to get the best rating possible for her morning television show, Atlanta AM, Kathy loves a good story. Having the responsibility of being the Executive Producer of the show Kathy would want no other position. She's completely on top of things and her shows have been the highest rated show in its time slot for nine years, and it's solely because of Kathy. Her younger brother, Zachary is the host of the Zach, Zach Zachary Show with airs during the morning as well, two floors below her studio in Radio Towers.

Married to Larry Vanlandingham one of the partners of Bullock, Vanlandingham and Parris Architectural firm, she's happy. Larry has been an excellent husband and father. They have three sons, Brock, Christopher and Desmond. Her family is very close with Zachary. They all love him and enjoy his company.

Kathy is also waiting for Zachary to ask Jeanette for her hand in marriage. With Jeanette and Sharon being her best friends they talk about it often.

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