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Nathaniel C. Bullock

Portrayed By Raphael Joseph


"....okay I cheat on my wife. I'm not going to apologize for what I do. I take care of my household and provide very well for them. -- I have no excuse and I'm not trying to give any. The truth of the matter is...I'm enjoying getting my freak on. Here lately it doesn't matter if it's with a woman or a man"
-------> Nathaniel C. Bullock

Savvy, Chic, Elegant, Wealth are the worlds that comes to mind when Nathaniel C. Bullock enters. With his beautiful wife Sharon accompanying him they're the picture of beauty, elegance and grace. Their children Roslyn and Clifford and mini images of them. Nathaniel is the chief principle of Bullock, Vanlandingham and Parris Architectural firm. You'll find this Chief Executive Office and owner on the golf course closing deals or picking his kids up from a soccer meet or piano lessons, if he's not hammering away at his design bench.

During the past few months Nathaniel and Sharon's marriage has been on the rocks. Nathaniel's having countless short-term affairs and one-night stands with women and even some men. Nathaniel use to feel remorse after cheating, but currently he's just getting his freak on - lately it's been with in his backyard. Sharon questions Nathaniel and he always gives very good explanations.

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