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Nicholas Coleman

Portrayed By T. Bernard Isaac


"As far as I can remember I've only had sexual feelings for men. It is my life's quest to instill a sense of pride in our young brothers about being gay and I will stop at nothing to ensure that that happens."
-------> Nicholas Coleman

Ruled by the astrology sign of sex, Nicholas is a real Scorpio - born November 14th Nicholas has had more sexual encounters/experiences with more men than he could possibly remember and he never talks about it. That's one of the many topics that Nicholas never discusses.

Nicholas is heavily involved with "OUT REACH"; most weekends he's assisting the Out Reach team by promoting and teaching safe sex classes, fighting hate crimes with the DA's office, lobbying for same gender medical benefits at the governor's office, or developing conferences to inform young black gay America about AIDS awareness. Nicholas is a part of the social sector of Atlanta. He's a personal friend of the mayor and governor. When questions or concerns involving the gay community arise/occur Nicholas is one of the few persons that the political offices will listen to. He's invited to participate in the majority of the social fund raising functions and political rallies. He assisted the mayor and governor during their campaigns to obtain support from the gay and lesbian communities.

Nicholas, who African-American Mexican, is the middle child of Stefon (African American) and Ernestine (Mexican) three sons. Nicholas was eight his father died. Three years later, his mom married Ricky Iglesias, a Mexican man. Two years later Ricardo was born and the next year Annabella was born. Nicholas has always been open about his homosexuals. Ricky didn't like it and worked very hard to mask his dislike and was very please Ricardo, his son was not gay. Ernestine didn't have issues with it. His other two brothers, Andrew and Timothy, are in prison -- both were sentenced to life. Andrew, who was the leader of the Black Panthers Baltimore division, killed two white men and a pregnant white woman. Timothy, who wanted to be the leader of his gang, killed a young gay man. Ironically, the young gay man was an acquaintance of Nicholas and Ricardo.

Jeffrey Freeman a close friend of Nicholas, who's always wanted to be a part of the social society, invited Nicholas to be the best man in his wedding. Nicholas knows Jeffrey is marrying Harriett Lexx for monetary reasons. Nicholas was shocked Jeffrey would consider marriage -- he thought of Jeffrey as the only other man in Atlanta, besides himself, who's slept with the entire male population of Georgia at least three times.

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