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Sharon Bullock

Portrayed By Rachel


"During these past few months I feel like I'm putting on a public display, like I'm Nathaniel's trophy wife. I believe he's having an affair and I don't think it's a woman. When my dad would come home from cheating, my mom could feel and smell the present of another woman. I don't feel or smell any of that"
------> Sharon Bullock

When Sharon met and married Nathaniel she knew he was the loving man for her. The first sixteen years of their marriage was better than any storybook romance. After the birth of their children Roslyn and Clifford ten and eight years ago their marriage got stronger and their family grew closer together. They shared everything.

Sharon's life was beyond perfect. She was happily married to a wonderful successful man who adored her and their two children. Her best friend relationship with Kathy Sledge and Gail Cross is stronger than ever. Life has been outstanding, until seven months again. There has been a noticeable change in her husband, Nathaniel. He's doesn't seem to be interested in Sharon. His time at the office and with the children has not changed but with Sharon it's a different story. She determined to find the reason her husband has changed.

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