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Walter Winners

Portrayed By Eric L. Montgomery

"He's twenty-one, he should be having sex. I'm glad he's using condoms and he's listening to me about protecting himself" -----> Walter Winners

Holding the position, Executive Vice President of Lexx Towers for twenty years has made Walter a very wealthy man. His loyalty to Lexx Towers has always paid off. His wonderful life/world would be picture perfect if he could get his wife, Clara, to accept the fact their only child, Sheldon is a homosexual. Walter loves his son and is very proud of him, despite what Clara thinks or feels.

Walter enjoys his position at Lexx Towers and works well with Arcellious when most do not. He's aware of some of the acquisition and mergers, which occur that has some elements Arcellious doesn't involve him in. He never questions it.

Walter's also very proud of Clara being a successful career wife and mom. His encouragement was well received but not needed by his strong willed wife. Walter's pleased with the wonderful job they've done raising their son, Sheldon.

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