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Zachary Sledge

Portrayed By Kevin F. Allen


"What is the world thinking of me? My number one concern is to marry a woman so that I can maintain my cover. Regardless of how much I love 'hooking up with a brotha', I fear how society views me." ----
-----> Zachary Sledge

On July 27th, God blessed Mary and Jake Sledge with their fourth and final child Zachary. Being raised with confidence, strong work ethics and the desire to succeed has placed Zachary on the path to becoming the most sought after Radio Personality on the East coast. Known as Zachary to his family and friends and "Zack Zack Zachary" to his loyal fans, he'll stop at nothing to hide his true sexuality; because he believes it will derail him from his successful public career - not to mention his relationship with family and friends.

Currently hosting The Zach Zach Zachary Show weekday mornings on WK-VJB (B-97.1) in Atlanta, Georgia, he's pleased with his position and provides a tremendous amount of financial and community support within the urban communities where his show is broadcasted. His sister Kathy Sledge-Vanlandingham, is two years older and also resides in Atlanta. She's the Executive Producer of Atlanta AM, a television morning show. Her husband, Larry is one of the senior partners at the architectural firm Bullock, Vanlandingham and Parris.

Jeanette and Quincy are key players in Zachary's hidden sexual confusion. Jeanette, who's a Psychiatrist, has been a part of Zachary's life for three years. She loves him and enjoys being on his arm and making public appearances. Zachary represents everything Jeanette is seeking in a man. Zachary cares for Jeanette; however, he uses her as an accessory to maintain his "cover" in the public's eye. He would like to move forward with marriage but cannot bring himself to "pop" the question. Quincy, on the other hand, has Zachary's heart. As the entrepreneur of a computer company, Quincy understands Zachary's situation, but he doesn't endorse it. He doesn't understand why Zachary cannot present himself to the public as a single man. Quincy tried for months to end their two-year relationship, but his heart will not allow it to happen.

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