I'm here with one of the co-writers and co-creators of the series Maurice Townes. Who also portrays the role of Arcellious Lexx and he's also the Director of the series.

Maurice: Thanks for the nice introduction.

Sure thing Boss.

So lets get started...

Great establishing the characters of the series... I'm sure it was fun.

Yes, it was. Kevin and I worked for weeks pulling together the types of characters we wanted to display to the world. We wanted to ensure the characters we are presenting to the world are characters which are images of the people we know. So we would take a good friend twist and turn the personality of the character and add drama upon drama... that's how we developed most of the characters.

I hear two of the characters are actually based on you and Kevin?

(laughing) Well actually part of that is true. The character Emory Lawsen, who's protrayed awesomely by "Hollywood Kid" aka Shannon L. Crawford, is loosely based upon me and the characters Zachary Sledge is a character Kevin created which is actually his altra-ego. And believe it or not.....It took me MONTHS to talk Kevin into portraying that character.

Really, so where did the character Arcellious Lexx come from, you. .

Oh God no, I woud not have created a character so mean and hateful. Arcellious was completely created by Kevin and he knew from the very beginning he wanted me to portray the role. I gave no push-back until I had to become him. That was/is the hard part. Arcellious is COMPLETELY opposite from me. Completely. He's straight, I'm gay. He's a Republican , I'm Democrate. He's extremely wealthy and I'm doing pretty well. He's from Toronto, I'm from Baltimore. We are nothing alike and it literally takes me about two hours to completely get rid of me and to totally become him... but getting back to the main characters.

Yes.. yes... The opening scene with Emory and his spouse at the breakfast table and Zachary and Jeanette running late for work. I like those scenes.

Actually those scenes were not our orginial ideas for the openning. We wanted to start with something more juicey, but then Kevin suggested we ease into it.

Well it was a very short ease.... (laughing) after daybreak men are in bed and---

Well don't give it away, it does not broadcast until March.

Opps, you're correct. It's a host of characters how do you keep all of them ----

In my mind. (laughing)... Actually, that's the fun part. Each of these characters live within the minds of me and Kevin. When writing we're sitting at one laptop and we're talking, typing, and fighting over the keyboard. Until Kevin gets in that mode when he wants to hear the dialog.... that's the part I love (laughing) at that point I get to portray all of the characters and their lines. I love it.

To be continued March 3, 2017...




The CLOSET a web series.


The CLOSET a web drama series

I'm here with Executive Producers Maxwel Calloway and Fitzgeral Vaughn. They have been the EP's of the series from day one and they're here to give us the scoop about re-releasing The CLOSET as a web series. Hello Gentlemen. Glad you're here. How are you?

Calloway: Good.

Vaughn: Excellent, and you?

I'm good, thanks guys. So The CLOSET is now a web series.

Vaughn: Yes it is. We have found that it's a lot of folks who have never heard of the series and with some much moving these days on social media we decided to open the series as a web drama series. .

Calloway: It was several discussion about getting the series on television, but the creators of the series decided against that. They were tired of jumping hoops for television networks only to end up with nothing. I believe it was Director Maurice who mentioned casually, "it should be a web series". At first no one took it seriously. Then we all thought about it and now here we are.

With this the release as a web drama series, does this mean the series will continue.

Calloway: (laughing)

Why the laugh Maxwel?

Vaughn: Well he's laughing because that is always one of the main questions, and the second one is are the actors gay. No, the actors are NOT gay, except Maurice and Kevin and they are not a couple (laughing). Actually, we would like to see the series continued. That's up to Maurice and Kevin. They are currently working on other projects and...

Calloway: -- and the first thing you'll hear Kevin say is, "we have other projects", and Maurice would say, "we have other stories to tell." At the end of the eight weeks, I'm sure fans are gonna want to see more. I wanna see more.

Okay, so the series starts March 21st and will run for 10 weeks. I've only seen the pilot episode and I know folks are gonna want more. It's nothing like this out there. Nothing.

Vaughn: Yes, that's correct, it's not. Again, we want to see the story continue as well, but lets see how viewers receive the first 10 web-episodes. And now that a completely new audience is being exposed to the series, Maurice and Kevin would probably consider continuing The CLOSET.

Calloway: With continuing the series, the actors would have to be taken into consideration. Maurice and Kevin completed that series in the early 2000's it's been over 12 years since the series was first released on DVD. Director Maurice is very creative and Maurice & Kevin's screen writing is pretty damn good. So I'm sure if fans demand more they will find a way to develop it.

Vaughn: I do agree with that.

To be continued... March 3, 2017





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